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Company profile

Xinjiang new energy investment development limited liability company (hereinafter referred to as the "company") was founded in June 2014, the registered capital of 200 million yuan, Xinjiang Investment Development (Group) Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the "new investment group) two subsidiaries. In 2015 and 2016, the company's sales exceeded 8 billion yuan and 15 billion yuan respectively, and excellent business performance laid a solid foundation for the company to achieve the strategic goal of international large enterprises.

The new investment group is a state-owned enterprise directly supervised by the SASAC of the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region. It shoulders the three important functions of the government investment and financing platform, the state-owned capital operation platform and the authorized state-owned assets management.

As of the end of 2016, the new investment group total assets of nearly 60 billion yuan, a total of 41 equity investment projects, including 3 wholly-owned subsidiaries, 11 holding companies, shares of the company 27 shares of the company, including 4 listed companies; foreign investment involved in electric power, steel, petrochemical, mineral resources development, finance, trade and logistics, high technology, real estate, hotel, tourism, light industry and other 15 industries and fields...

development planning

The next five years, the company will focus on the strategy of "two wings", development will be based on the advantages of Xinjiang energy, organic combination of petroleum and chemical industry development for energy storage and logistics, capital flow, information flow, business flow, the whole industry chain and Xinjiang and enterprise cooperation, constantly enhance the potential of mining industry...

Secretary and chairman of the Party committee of Xinjiang New Energy Development Co., Ltd.

Company Culture

core values

modest and prudent pragmatic, continuous innovation, steady development of

enterprise vision

active promoters of national energy strategy "The Belt and Road"; rooted in Xinjiang, based on the mainland, looking at the world, the first platform resources grafting

business philosophy

adhere to the capital security oriented, economic efficiency as the center; to control risk, pioneering and enterprising, innovative management, optimize management

management concept

standardized management scientific, innovative management full staff; management responsibilities, work standardization, workflow process



To grasp the development of the western region, "The Belt and Road" strategy, SASAC comprehensive deepening of reform under the background of facing the historical opportunity of development demand structure adjustment and transformation, the depth of the docking autonomous region industry, in business philosophy, seize the opportunity, take advantage of the development of innovation and Science; the development of ideas, adhere to rely on the government facing the market, deepening reform, self-reliance; in the development mode, adhere to both investment and management, industry and capital; in the mode of operation, adhere to a high starting point, the principle of sustainable innovation to upgrade and expand the incremental stock combination, through the "virtuous cycle of resource integration, asset management, investment, capital operation", and gradually build "production, service, finance, a" or "entity industry, service industry, financial industry, venture capital industry integration We should strive to realize the maximization of group value, the controllable development path, the mode of group operation and the multidimensional profit of the group".

In order to deepen the reform to lead to structural adjustment as the breakthrough point, the transformation of the development mode, adjust and optimize the industrial structure, promote innovation driven development, the implementation of the "combination, drive innovation strategy, accelerate industrial investment group from the main business, to the integration of the sports industry and the constant financial and business development of the logistics industry" "financial enterprise transformation, focusing on creating chemical, energy resources, trade and logistics, finance, real estate five core businesses, the construction of" asset management + equity investments and financial investment in the combination platform, through the efforts of promoting "production combination and combination, promote the coordinated development between the five major business plate, play linkage effect, improve the industrial integration degree, and the supply chain as a link to the capital, accelerating capital assets, securitization process, double play Drive effect, form "closed loop operation" ecosphere, promote the group to achieve comprehensive transformation and upgrading.



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