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To grasp the development of the western region, "The Belt and Road" strategy, SASAC comprehensive deepening of reform under the background of facing the historical opportunity of development demand structure adjustment and transformation, the depth of the docking autonomous region industry, in business philosophy, seize the opportunity, take advantage of the development of innovation and Science; the development of ideas, adhere to rely on the government facing the market, deepening reform, self-reliance; in the development mode, adhere to both investment and management, industry and capital; in the mode of operation, adhere to a high starting point, the principle of sustainable innovation to upgrade and expand the incremental stock combination, through the "virtuous cycle of resource integration, asset management, investment, capital operation", and gradually build "production, service, finance, a" or "entity industry, service industry, financial industry, venture capital industry integration We should strive to realize the maximization of group value, the controllable development path, the mode of group operation and the multidimensional profit of the group".



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