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Four efforts to promote
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Yingwusitan Dun AI took (3) village Party branch temporary working group to visit Hui Ju activities as an important carrier of the practice of two to learn a "study and education activities. Combined with the "visit Hui Hui" activities, the key tasks in the "learning", "speak", "check", "change" efforts, to ensure that learning and education to achieve tangible results.
Making great efforts in learning. The working group living in the villages with reality, make learning plans, organization members, village cadres, village police China "," learning "the constitution of the Communist Party of Chinese self-discipline standards", "the Communist Party of the Communist Party of Chinese disciplinary regulations", "rights of Communist Party China Protection Ordinance", the provisions of the central eight, "General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech series reader (2016 Edition)", "Jiang language" included in the provisional Party branch will learn bibliography, and regularly check the study notes and experiences, truly learn deep and thoroughly into the brain and heart.
Pay attention to "talk". Held in June 27th two to learn a "learning education seminars, working group members with the 2016 visit Hui Ju work points, combined with the precise poverty alleviation, precise poverty alleviation and solve problems, and do practical things, in due diligence responsibilities, the contribution of individual talents in the process to a qualified party member standard and the bottom line to speak. During the working group leader Zheng Dong gave a practical, easy to understand the characteristics of lectures to the whole village Party member.
Work hard in checking. The working group members to put myself into the "party constitution" and "series of speech" as a mirror, check the ideological work, life style and their own problems, carry out investigation, find a qualified party gap; in-depth analysis of ideology, function, work key, work methods and discipline problems and weak links, with the current work, strict discipline, strict requirements, strict measures to grasp the implementation of the work.
Make great efforts to change. Around the "two perseverance" target, "three-in-one" working mechanism to carry out the implementation of the "look back", adhere to the problem oriented, to check out the problem, one by one by one to carefully analyze the causes, earnestly rectification. Huitong village "two committees", strengthen the village police office on duty during Ramadan, the management of the floating population, the summer home of student education, the working group and the village cadres face-to-face contact students, educate and guide students away from extreme religious thought, resist illegal religious activities, determined to win to the extreme of battle, a protracted war.



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