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Deputy general manager Hu Jinsong to dun AI (3) took the village visit and condolences to the working group
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The afternoon of June 29th, the Xinjiang Investment Development (Group) limited liability company Party committee member, deputy general manager Hu Jinsong came to the pier (3) took Ai Village visit and condolences to live in the village of staff, he first conveyed the Xinjiang investment and development Refco Group Ltd party secretary and chairman of the northern Wei Du and Deputy Secretary of the Party committee, general manager Kang Jingcheng regards, secondly, in accompanied by the new investment group of the Party committee, deputy general manager, the third batch of village working group leader Zheng Dong and members of the working group, has to the village committee pigeon industry training center, infrastructure construction and pigeon breeding base to visit.
In the pigeon training center to visit, play Hu Jinsong listened carefully to the working group on Akomati Azizi breeders selection, breeding management, pigeon breeding, disease prevention and control center and training demonstration effect.
During a visit to the village, Hu Jinsong said: "I came 3 last year when the village, the village public service hall, village group activity center is not construction, awnings and stage ceiling facilities such as hospital were not built in less than half the time will change the village office is really great!"
The scene in the pigeon breeding base, Hu Jinsong visited the office area, living area and production area, and the working group in less than half the time to complete the research and demonstration, pigeon breeding project, project approval formalities, breeding base construction, introduction and channel structures and the initial formation of pigeon breeding industry chain said admire.
Hu Jinsong said that the working group in the group under the leadership of Zheng Dong, to explore the establishment of mixed ownership model to guide social capital formation of pigeon industry company, to the village Party branch + investor + poor "mode, the implementation of the village Party branch, led investors management, poor households (shares of funds to support the working group, set up) the division of labor, clear responsibility, mode of operation of mutual restriction and mutual supervision, rewards and punishment mechanism. In the change of farmers and so on to the idea, to guide farmers active industrial development, cultivation of "blood" function, from one-way into poverty alleviation the past simply give money or material, to the policies of the interactive development of poverty alleviation and development of the industry to invest in and benefit sharing play a key role in the.
"Profit and risk sharing" of the "company + peasant household" mode, not only solve the farmers because of the low cultural level, can not complete the problem of scientific farming independently, and achieve the work group to guide and lead farmers rely on dove industrial development ideas of poverty.
Finally, Hu Jinsong said: "facts have proved that the environment is tough, the conditions are limited, as long as people want to work, can work together, things can still do."."



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