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Cohesion, stability, courage, responsibility and development
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The morning of August 11th, yingwusitan Dun AI (3) took the village high streets and back lanes filled with laughter, the villagers together and act in knots straight toward the village, the original, dun AI took (3) village will hold ninth of the village committee election meeting, this is the village head event etc.. So, how is the election of village committee general election carried out? How did the candidates, voters and villagers representatives of the village committee come into being? The upcoming election conference will give the answer one by one.
In front of the village office building, the huge field was filled with villagers who came to the polls, and the villagers were full of expectation for the election of new village committee members. It is understood that the pier took AI (3) village committee according to the constitution of the Communist Party "," Chinese "the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region People's Republic of China implementation of Villager Committee Organization Law" measures "," the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region "," the election of the villagers' committee of Kashi City Yingwusitan Township village committee election implementation plan "(Kaying Xiangdang FA 2016 No. 70 the requirements of the pier, Erik) (3) villagers voting for the village registered to vote, after qualification, to determine the 9 Village candidates. In yingwusitan ninth of the village committee election to guide the work of team efforts, dun AI took (3) to actively participate in the village all the voters and representatives of villagers, dun AI g (3) village committee on the general election law to complete the preparatory work.
The election of the General Assembly at the scene, dun AI g (3) village 10 groups of villagers to voters 1736 people, to 1476 people, on-site voting voters should reach more than half of the total number of voters, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the number of election meeting held on schedule. According to the provisions of the "measures" the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region village committee election, candidates have made a brilliant election speech, the venue applause, lively atmosphere, good running effect.
Then, the township general election steering group staff background, experience and performance of each candidate to the voters to do a simple introduction, let more voters understand the specific situation of the candidates, to encourage the villagers to vote, the election of a villagers committee member satisfaction; and read the village committee electoral measures (Draft) and at the election of the chief canvassers, scrutineers, counting the list, with a show of hands in the form of the general assembly. The general election meeting in a fair, impartial and open ballot, staff election work of the steering group of the villagers' representatives and voters and yingwusitan leadership, supervision and responsible person under the unified by the total count, scrutineers fill in the report and counting results of on-site announced the election.
Based on the results of the elections, Kurban Huiti was elected to the pier took AI (3) director of the village committee, Nur Zaidin Abdurehim Mamuti, was elected vice chairman of the village committee, Oman, Guli Majit, Mai Methi Tour, sun Maitiniyazi amongst the Yili, Mamtine Isma, Oman, Yu Siyin Ilham Guli Cage was elected as the village committee. Kurban Huiti said, as a native of Dun AI g (3) village, development time the heart of the home, with confidence and efforts 100 times, return the care and support of the villagers. Lead the pier (3) AI took the village all the villagers to get rich road for the construction of harmony and stability, prosperity and happiness of the Dun AI (3) took the village to make new contributions.



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