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Raising national flag, reviewing military history, busy learning, helping to shake off poverty
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In eighty-eighth the Army Day approaching, dun AI g (3) village "three-in-one" call the people of all ethnic groups held a simple but solemn flag raising ceremony in the village. The morning of August 1st 9, more than 1500 villagers neatly lined up in the flag pole, when the majestic national anthem, the villagers spontaneously to the flag salute and spontaneously sang the national anthem, the bright five-star red flag rising in the National Anthem xiangcheyunxiao......
After the ceremony, the village Party branch secretary Kurban led the villagers to carry out propaganda activities in the history review, the Secretary Kurban pointed out that China today is the anniversary of the people's Liberation Army, it is also called "army day. In July 11, 1933, the Provisional Central Government of the Chinese Soviet Republic decided to set up a commemoration day for the Chinese workers and Peasants Red Army in August 1st, in accordance with the proposal of the Central Revolutionary Military commission. In June 15, 1949, China people's Revolutionary Military Commission issued an order to "81" should be as the main sign of Chinese flag and the emblem of the people's Liberation army. After the founding of the People's Republic of China, the memorial day was renamed the army day of the Chinese people's Liberation army. Then, from the army Secretary Kurban Festival, after the Nanchang uprising, the birthplace of Army Day etc. the majority of the villagers to carry out publicity and education, to further enhance the villagers' patriotic Yongjun awareness, inspire people to support the military, army, army love enthusiasm, strengthen the rural veterans' sense of responsibility and sense of honor.
In the village to carry out propaganda activities relive history at the same time, the working group is also busy with another batch of come to visit pigeon breeding "guests".
Look! Isn't that the deputy director of LAN in China? She led the merchants living in Kashi autonomous region. In the township, Kakulacun Tuowanke. Especially the G Kaku village working group to 3 villages to visit pigeon breeding base.
As the saying goes: layman watching lively, experts see doorways. During a visit to the Kashi city Liupanshui mill pigeon industry limited liability company training center and pigeon breeding base, deputy director Yu Lan looked at the working group leader Zheng Dong said meaningfully: "Zheng head is not easy, not easy! It's too difficult to do the real thing at the grassroots level. In such a short period of time, you can build pigeon breeding project to today's level, really a lot of effort, eat a lot of bitterness! In the future, the farmers in the village of 3 will thank you!"
See! It is not Kashi CPPCC Committee Secretary General heath - full Suerhan library? He also took his team to join the study tour.
Heath Cooley secretary general said that the working group leader Zheng Dong in the lead, really give 3 village people to do a practical good, as the local unit we should try their best to provide help and support for them.
Today is really Qunying, came not Kashi prefectural Party Committee Organization Department deputy director and Party grassroots office g grassroots office director Cui? It looks like a busy Bayi day!
Accompanied by Zheng Dong, deputy leader of the working group and Liu Songguang, deputy director of the group, Cui director heard the report of chairman Zhang Wen of dove industry company. G deputy director said, such a good model project, so good Huimin engineering, so the practical work team, we at all levels to visit Hui Ju office should take the group as the focus of attention and coverage, into power industry poverty alleviation poverty highlights, recommended for the working group to observe the focus of learning.



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