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The year of staying in the village -- one of the series reports on the interview of new energy development
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In 2016, new investment group Party committee, director and general manager of the new energy development, investment chairman Zheng Dong led the work of the village team closely around the overall goal of social stability and long period of stability, to further clarify the village work, strictly implement the general requirements of "1+2+5", focus on maintaining social stability and build a strong grassroots organization, to carry out the work of the masses to broaden the opportunities to get rich, good practical good, to promote poverty alleviation and implement policies that benefit and strengthen the party work in yingwusitan; Party committee and government leaders and visit Hui Ju department under the guidance of the characteristics of industrial development as the starting point to explore and establish a "industry leading enterprise + base + farmers" a new pattern of industrial poverty, and comprehensively promote the visit Hui Ju work in the village to develop in depth.
Yingwusitan Dun AI took (3) village is located in the southeast of Kashi City, a total area of 582.32 hectares, 18 kilometers away from the urban area, the village has a total of 10 villagers group, 586 households and 3011 people; the village "two committees" 9 members, 50 members, four old personnel 17, 309 low-income households, poor households 289 do not worry, 8 personnel, key personnel 1, key 1 households; 4 mosques (the original 10 mosques for centralized residence was adjusted to 4 seats), bilingual kindergarten 1; the village land area of 4258.2 acres, the per capita arable land area of 1.4 acres, mainly in farming, animal husbandry, forestry and fruit industry as the main.
Since the work of the village, the new investment in energy development focus on the goal to maintain social stability, continued to carry out in-depth home visits, steady work of the actual situation of 3 villages with dimension and play, public security special strike force and the role of the village "two committees" clear base, resources advantage, fully cooperate with the township party committee to carry out the crackdown special rectification actions, lifting the lid, digging behind the scenes "work, the management of religious affairs, floating population management, key personnel, special groups, combat officers and their families, family education and transformation work and peace peace village to create work.
With the "two committees" of the village, the village police continue to carry out the special action crackdown, lifting the lid, digging behind the scenes "of" looking back ", establish and improve the prevention and control group treatment group security mechanism.
Earnestly carry out household visits and do a good job of diary of people's feelings. As of December 20th, the village of "three-in-one" has completed fourth home visits, total visited 2400 households, to the villagers group as a unit, the implementation of the "ten joint" system, to assist the village cadres, the village police developed a focus on population, special groups, combat personnel relatives help teach transformation plan, participate in the discussion, and transformation 132 times.
Taking the modern culture as the guide, taking the sports activities as the carrier, taking the propaganda and education actual effect as the criterion, further promoting "extreme" propaganda education. A year ago, the team stationed in the village to help the township grassroots propaganda team accumulated 42 organized screenings of propaganda activities, significant title "new investment center yingwusitan primary school football team won the championship results, especially in the city's 41 branch primary school football team in the league in the spring, and Union Township Party committee standing to carry out cultural activities Camden band colorful, in the township tour more than 70 times, watching the staff of nearly 50 thousand people, set up 3 Village basketball team, attracting 80, 90 young people to participate in sports activities, after a year of effort, dun AI Rong Cun village appearance took social atmosphere delicate gas is to take on an altogether new aspect, the wedding ceremony, everyone smile, stage all show dance, dinner table for wine...... With the joint efforts of the "Trinity" in the village, the pace of extreme religion is gradually drifting away.
The creation of "safe family" is an important part of safe building activities. The village "three-in-one" in accordance with the relevant requirements of rural comprehensive management about Ping innovation activities, continue to carry out peace building activities, through the village of "three-in-one" efforts, Ai Village was named peace pier took 579 households, did not occur together due to the "three" and other activities are in accordance with regulations to cancel the family safe and smooth. Complete the creation of the beginning of peace and peace in the village of target family.
A year ago, the village held a "three-in-one" will be judged 144 times, collecting the enemy 20 clues of social conditions and 3 clues clues 32 people, teach feeling 3 clues; out of registration staff of 265 people, each quarter and active movement of personnel verification; organizations throughout the village exercises 48 times, 68 times the vigil, inventory 73, to carry out legal publicity, the fire of knowledge into the campus activities 48 sessions. In the village of "three-in-one" high pressure crackdown support and cooperate with each other under the 3 village without fear of violence and other serious cases, did not investigate involving "three" activities, a strong blow to the arrogance of the terrorists, and earnestly safeguard the 3 village all the people's life and property safety and the normal social order.



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