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Active, sincere, solid work in the village
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In February 12th, the new investment group in 2017 to visit Hui Ju work team in the village 11 people with subsequent company expectations, wish in advance on the village road, I have the honour to represent the new investment and energy development to work in the village team, at the airport group company leader on behalf of the company party to see us off, cheering we, everyone seems to quickly into the village family, help each other to check your baggage, share bring food, perhaps everyone a lot of former colleagues had never met each other, the common task let us quickly came together.
In February 13th, we work in the village of 18 people gathered in the village 8 team held its first meeting arrangements, meeting chaired by the general manager Zhang Yu, she was the first of 8 village 6 Village, the situation was analyzed, indicating the importance and urgency to advance into the point to everybody, she asked everyone to realize "four transformation". As soon as possible, the city to the countryside, leading to rural enterprises, family life and collective life to the grassroots change schedule, to gradually adapt to the grass-roots work mode, then deputy general manager Luo Yingjiang on how to carry out the work of the village, how to carry out the fine detail, ten aspects of each team member's work from home visits information publicity, meeting records, archives management, logistics, finance, interior party party work, Huimin project construction, religion, mosque management, night schools, training and education have been carried out. The main tasks of this project are information publicity, electronic archives, Party building, party and mass work. At night, back to the 6 Village resident, Captain Luo Yingjiang and the division of labor of the kitchen, health, everyone in a group of two, take turns to cook, clean, clear division of life for all the work of the village, orderly development has laid a good foundation.
The 6 Japanese yingwusitan AI Bagh village 27 kilometers away from Kashi City, 1.5 kilometers from the township government, covers an area of 4850 acres, a total population of 3102 people, mainly in agriculture, land area of 3615 acres, 1.2 acres of arable land per capita. There are 60 party members, four old people, 3 mosques, 3 key personnel, 6 sentenced officers and 269 poor households in the whole village, with 16 people in the whole village. In accordance with the regional poverty alleviation precise requirements, the work team stationed in the village's task is very arduous, for me, how to do a good job this year's work in the village, I want to focus on the initiative, focusing on the heart, as the saying goes: the power of the ship in the sail, the power of people in mind, village life and work just started, at the moment, I think "big family (family)" this several English letters can best represent their own feelings and hope.



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