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Reprinted: Yunnan radio and television network group former party secretary, chairman Wang Jian and discipline violations case analysis
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Wang Jian, once a well-known radio and television network in Yunnan, "when the family", the state-owned enterprises as their family property, delusions of discipline outside, non supervision of "special party members"". No discipline, no bottom line, inevitable step by step into the abyss of corruption. In September 20, 2016, Wang Jian was expelled from the party and dismissed from office, and his alleged crimes were not dealt with by the judicial authorities.
With 30 years' standing Wang Jian, had already lost the party's principles, even the feudal superstitious obsession, the "feng shui master" as a bodyguard, is a typical ghosts do not believe in Marxism, he formerly known as Wang Jianzhong, in 2002 changed its name to Wang Jian please feng shui master teller and, in public, will wear a string of claiming to be "open the light beads on his neck, said they have no problem, the Buddha bless, until the review before will remove the beads. In July 2009, when he served as party secretary, chairman and general manager of radio and television network group, he instructed the subordinate enterprises to purchase a "over standard" off-road vehicle with a value of more than 110 yuan for its use. Wang Jian and trampling on democratic centralism, undermine the political life of the party, in order to achieve the aim, to modify the Party committee office staff records, "three a" collective decision-making system, internal supervision system useless for him.
For the group project, Wang Jian is also arbitrary meddling. Without the relevant license, the organization of 5 of the city village transformation of the false bidding, the results only started a month, resulting in 10 424 houses damaged into D class dangerous buildings, resulting in direct economic losses of 200 million yuan. With the promotion of his position, Wang Jian became more and more important to money. From the beginning of accepting one thousand or two thousand yuan gifts uneasy, to take the initiative to ask for a huge amount of money 1 million yuan for granted, but also reach the public funds. In 2010, Yunnan radio and television group to invest in shooting a TV series, received 240 thousand yuan investment income, Wang Jian also instructed the financial personnel to take 200 thousand yuan for private use. If the upper beam is not straight, in his lead, Yunnan radio and television network political ecological problems, within the group received gifts of gold, gift was rampant, the destruction of normal working relationship. In November 13, 2016, Yunnan radio and Television Network Group Co., Ltd. gave 23 party members disciplinary action, organizational processing and accountability.
Comments: absolute power leads to absolute corruption, Party members and cadres no matter how high, multi power can not override the organization, outside the supervision. Once the greed of the gates open, as the breaching of the dike flood blew out. Greed for money and let Wang Jian put the power into the hands of a tool for personal gain, to eventually become the slave of money, come to life and wealth. Leading cadres of Party members should always keep in mind the original intention of officials, resist the temptation of money consciously, make demonstrations for others with their own cleanness, and maintain a good political ecology.



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