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Reprint | labeling supervision within the party in the new revised
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First, defining the orientation and requirements of political inspection is the key point and highlight of the revision of the regulations
"Serious political life within the party, purification of political ecology within the party", the new content of the first Ordinance, expounds the goal of the political inspection. Means to play a fundamental role in the inspection, we must start from the party's political life, strict political discipline and political regulations in the first place, and resolutely safeguard the authority of the Central Committee of the party and centralized and unified leadership. The revised "Regulations" article third embodies the political inspection general requirements, joined the "governing the new concept of new ideas and new strategy" in the ideological level, behind these highly summarized discourse, has the profound meaning and specific requirements.
Two, the term tour full coverage has become a hard target
The new version of the "Regulations" will be the second general principle is amended as "the party's central and provincial, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the Commission to implement the inspection system, the establishment of full-time inspection agencies, a term for the management of local departments, enterprises and institutions party organization comprehensive inspection". This provision from time and space dimensions accurately and clearly defines the meaning of patrol coverage, highlighting the supervision within the party, leaving no comprehensive strictly determined without exception, the party bear the responsibility and the theme of the compaction target task of the inspection work.
Three, the content of inspection and supervision has a new sort and induction
The new version of the "Regulations" in article fifteen of the supervision and inspection contents were sorted and summarized the new, increased the specific content of the five aspects, not only embodies the distinctive problem oriented, and show the inspection work deepening, and persevere in the constantly advancing character.
Four, strengthen the inspection work of the central and state organs to solve the problem of "black under the lamp"
The new version of the regulations clearly stipulates that the central ministries, central state organs, departments, Party committees (Party committees) can implement the inspection system, the establishment of inspection institutions, inspection and supervision of the party organizations under supervision". The central inspection office comrades, this amendment to promote the central and state organs patrol work carried out, and further improve the patrol work pattern provides a strong institutional guarantee.
Five, the city and county patrol from exploration to become rigid requirements
The new version of the "Regulations" provisions of article second, Party City (prefecture, League) and county (city, District, flag) Committee for the establishment of inspection system, the establishment of inspection agencies, the party organization management inspection supervision "," clear party organizations to carry out patrol patrol patrol patrol police bear the main responsibility work". This provides the basic follow - up for the further promotion of patrol work, indicating that the city and county patrol from "exploration" has become a rigid requirement must be fulfilled.



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